Suggi Kunitha

Art & Culture


The festival dance of the “Haalakki vakkaliga” performed by men folk during the harvest season, the dance is called “Suggi Kunita” in the North Coastal Karnataka.
The “hooli” festival begins in the month of the march, the dance starts on full moon day or an earlier 4 days before the full moon. In group either 12 or 14 men folk move from village to village  by beating the “Gummate” (percussion) drums and sing about the song of fertility, collect the cash and grains and on full moon day perform dance on front of the community house. The artist has beautiful costume and headgear made of softwood, decorated with many carved birds and flowers, looks like crown of fertility. the group dance with sticks and sometime with peacock feathers. Along with clown characters  amuses the audiences , the minor comic characters are identified as ‘sooginavaru’ or ‘haasyagaararu’.


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