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‘Maadira’ is the dance of women belonging to the ‘Bhuuta’ impersonator’s community. During the rainy seasons the members of this community are free from their traditional profession of spirit- possession and dance. Hence the women go from house to house dancing and singing accompanied by the beating of the drum known as tembere. One woman sings and beats the drum while another woman, usually the younger one dances. The song usually describes the beauty of the woman and her love and marriage with a handsome man.

Refer: Dangu Panara team
‘Kabita’ means a small piece of poetry usually sung during planting the paddy seedlings by the women folk. The main speaker sings this narrative poem and after each stanza the co-workers repeat the chorus or the main theme of the song. The content may sometimes be the narration of certain episodes or an incident or a humorous episode. It may also be a satire or a joke passed towards the master or the lord or a grand personality, or it may also be the story of an animal.


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