Kalgi-Tura Laavani

Art & Culture


“Kalgi-Tura” is competitive singing glorifying feminine paws as pitted against masculine prowess.  The challenge is thrown and accepted.  With rhyme and rhythm, meaning and sound, “Kalgi-Tura” is interesting to watch and listen. The performance  is in ‘Kannada’

The ‘Kalgi-Tura’ begins when Phakiravva beats a “Duff” (percussion) slowly, deliberately, getting herself ready to burst forth in her “Kalgi” songs to challenge the principle of male chauvinism down the ages of “Tura” (laavani) tradition.

Phakiravva leading artist of the Kalgi-Tura   tradition moves on stage with supreme confidence and strikes challenging postures suiting the  theme of the song.  Within minutes of   singing Phakiravva creates a theater through content, song and dance.

Phakiravva  Gudisagara, a famous name indeed in the contemporary “Kalgi-Tura laavani” ballad tradition. With her rich sonorous voice Phakiravva can regale her rural or even urban audience throughout the night giving glimpses and flashes of the vitality of a challenging rural theatre form. Her male counter part Hanumanta Rao  is a fitting “Tura” singer and in fact Phakiravva acknowledges him as her “guru” (teacher).


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