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Easter forms the foundation of Christianity for it is a day that Christ conquered death. Christianity speaks of a living god and his presence for eternity. Penance and abstinence mark the 40 days of Lenten season with Way of the Cross and special prayers offered during the holy week.

Easter contains the true message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lent as the period is called is seen with great dedication and reverence. A fast is observed with abstinence from eating meat especially on Fridays.

The Death of Jesus:
The Jewish priests and officials were jealous and plotted to kill Jesus because of the popularity he was gaining due to his divine words and preaching. They got him arrested and gave him to the Roman officials.

Jesus was made to carry a heavy wooden cross to the hill called “Golgotha” which means Skull. He was then nailed to the cross. The last words of Jesus were “ Father forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing”. The body of Jesus was placed in an empty tomb and sealed by the officials. The death of Jesus frightened his Apostles and they hid themselves.

The Resurrection:
On the third day Jesus rose from the dead revealing the message of eternal life. After resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples and many other people.

Few of the Jewish women visited the grave in order to anoint the body with perfumed oils. But they were shocked to see that the stone, which was used to seal the tomb, was rolled and the body of Jesus was missing. An angel appears to the frightened women and gives them the good news that Jesus is risen from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus not only brought hope for the apostles but also it is a ray of light for all those in darkness and we are all invited to a life everlasting.

The Message:
Man often falls a prey to sin, It is at this time that man fails to see the presence of God. He feels very frustrated and questions the very existence of god. He starts blaming others for his misery. He is even mislead by the other worldly pleasures and tries to seek false happiness through them. He ultimately finds himself in a heap of mess that he has created for himself.

Easter brings good news to all, a hope for those in doubt, a light for those in darkness, a way for those who are lost.


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