Bolak Aat

Art & Culture

According  to a legend ‘Lord vishnu’ took various avatars (in Carnation) for the destruction of the evil demons. To destroy the demon ‘Bhasmasura’  Vishnu danced in the 30 varieties, and one among them is ‘Bolkat’ . This dance is performed in front of oil lamp in an open field. This performed exclusively  by  men in the Kodava Dress. Performers in their hand ‘chavari’ (Yak-animal fur) and in the another hand holds ‘Kodava (Sickle’) kodava katti. Many  regional variations are found in dance forms that few  performers use only ‘chavari’ and dance to the tune of ‘Dudi’. When they dance with a sickle in  their hand it is identified as ‘kattiyaata’. They sing songs to the tune of ‘Dudi’, an hour glass drum on theme of Kodava heroic deeds of gods and  goddess of the region.


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