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Aati Kalanja


‘Aati Kalanja’ is a ritualistic folk dance performed by the ‘Nalke’ Community. Kalanja is the name of a minor spirit, who is in charge of the protection of the village folk during the month of July- August (rainy season) when the other major spirits take leave for rest. During this period the members of the ‘Nalke’ Community decorate their body with the costume made of the tender coconut leaves, anklets, colorful cloth, long cap made of areca spathe etc., paint their face with various colors and designs. Holds an umbrella made of leaves and decorated with leaves and flowers. Artiste goes from house to house and dance in front of the house. The other members of the group sing the story of the spirit and beat a small drum known as tembere. The householder gives them paddy, rice, coconut, turmeric, charcoal and the dancers perform certain rituals to word of disease and other misfortunes of the family and the cattle.



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