The district is well endowed with surface and ground water facility necessary for irrigating the horticultural crops. The district leads in cashew production and has a vibrant processing industry. The scope for growth of areca and coconut is there, provided the rates are supported by suitable market mechanism. Number of food processing industries are possible. The district is a net importer of vegetables, a number of which can be very well grown within the district. Suitable interaction between the farmers and the Regional Research Station at Brahmavara, as also the Horticulture department, needs to be taken up. On the export front already Jasmine flowers grown in the area of Katpady and Palli are being exported. This can be further expanded in adjacent areas. If possible, industry for extraction of oil from Jasmine as also Vanilla can be thought of. Already some initiatives for developing herbal gardens and extraction of essential oils seem to have been taken. The labour costs being high and the returns being low, Low-lying areas under paddy cultivation may be encouraged to take up alternate crops like sugarcane. Development of identified watersheds is an important step in this direction as it would enable recharge of groundwater and prevention of run-off into the sea in this high rainfall region.

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