Dharmika Punaruthana Seva Mandali

CHempi ramachandra bhatDharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha - is a saying well known in the Hindu culture. In the recent age the popularity of television and Cable and also Internet has drawn the children from our ancient tradtional life to material life. It is very difficult to divert them again towards the traditional life. But here is a person who  has tried to bring them back to the track and succeeded. He is none other than Sri Chempi Ramchandra Bhat born on 23.3.1964. He had his early education at Government Higher Primary School at Balakudru, D.K. upto 7th Standard. Because he hails from a Vaidhika family  he was sent to Sri Srinivas Patshala for graduating himself in Sanskrit, Astrology, Veda and Karmanga for 3 years. In 1979 he came out of the Patshala having a Degree of Vidvan at the age of 15 and started his carrier as a professional Vaidhika Brahman.

For 20 years he practiced his profession and found out that the interest in the traditional life is coming down especially in children and he started his work towards developing interest in children about our tradition. He started Dharmika Punarusthana Mandali in 1999 and planed the programmes

  1. Daily reading of Stotras by children at S.L.V. Temple, Udupi
  2. Conversation camp in Sanskrit, once in 3 months.
  3. 15 days summer camp for children in the camp he taught about
       a) Sandhya Vandana b) Deva Pooja c) Stotra Pathana
  4. Arranged Satsanga with the experienced Vaidhikas from all over the district and had good discussion
  5. He brought out one book on stotras consisting of more than 50 stotras and the routine to be preformed by children, young ones, ladies, married men and women and retired persons in their daily life. He has also given details to achieve heavenly abode after death.
  6. He brought cassetts and CD's of stotras, he has made the cassettes and CD's so as to learn by the children hearing them.
  7. He also made VCD of the performances performed in the presence of His Holiness Srimad Sacchidananda Saraswathi Swamiji and his Holiness Srimad Shivananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Kaivalya Math when they camped at Udupi.

He has planned the following programmes in the near future
  • To celebrate all the Hindu festivals collectively and explain the significance of every occasion and bring out a book of the same.
  • Taking all the present students who are reading stotras to all  the towns & villages of Udupi and starting classes over there.
  • Teaching traditional music & bhajans.

Darmika Punaruthana Seva Mandali 
Sri Anantha Nilaya, Ranganath Shenoy Compound
Near PPC Auditorium, Volakadu
Udupi - 576 101, Karnataka, India
Tel: +91 820 2525634


Sri Anantha Nilaya, Ranganath Shenoy Compound
Near PPC Auditorium, Volakadu
Udupi - 576 101, Karnataka, India.
Tel: +91 820 2525364
Mobile: +91 98457 90904

SLV temple, Udupi

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