Barkur a hamlet of Kachur village about 16 kms. to the north of Udupi, was once a renowned capital of the region. The original name of the town was Barakanur, which was later changed to Barahakanyapura (the town of twelve virgins). It appears that the Cholas had for a while occupied the city in the 11th century A.D. It was the capital of Alupa rulers and of one of the two provinces into which the area had been divided during the Vijayanagara period. The two forts whose remains are vaguely seen had been built by the Alupas and Vijayanagara governors. It was a subsidiary capital of the Hoysala kings for some time.

The place has several temples containing inscriptions of historical value:

  1. Panchalingeshwara temple. KotekeriĀ  representing three different state of development. Chalukyan, Hoysala and Vijayanagara
  2. Bette - Vinayaka temple of Kotekeri (c.9th-10th centuryA.D)
  3. Somanatha temple of Mudukeri (c.10th century A.D) with pre-Hoysala images of Saraswati and Janardhana in its navaranga
  4. Venugopala Krishna shrine of Kotekeri(c.11th century A.D), the idol of which is in black stone
  5. Siddheshwara temple, Manigarakeri(c.11th century A.D)
  6. Mahishasura temple (11th or 12th century A.D)
  7. Veerabhadra shrine of Pathashalakeri (c.12th -13th century A.D.)
  8. Twin temples of Chaulikeri (c.14th century A.D) which are dedicated to Ganapati and Shiva respectively.
  9. Kalikamba temple (c. 14th century A.D)
  10. Venugopalakrishna shrine of Mudukeri(c. 11th century A.D)
  11. The Nagara-Matha Keshava templeĀ  (c.14th century A.D.)

Gananapti shrine of Mudukeri etc. There are also inscribed pillars and slabs Which are now found in private houses. Many of the inscribed stones have been misused or lost in building the walls of the houses. The roof of the Ganesha temple is a remarkable piece of stone construction, the slabs being arranged like wooden planks. There are three Sati stones outside the Panchalingeshwara temple. These take the form of stone posts from the side of which projects a woman's right hand and arm. Of Jaina monuments, only three small groups remain, none of them being of any considerable archaeological value. The old mosque and the, dargah of this place attract a large number of devotees.

Dr. P N Narasimha Murthy



SLV temple, Udupi

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