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Madhava Vittal Kamath (M.V. Kamath) has been appointed as the Chairman of Prasar Bharathi. Being born in a small place in coastal region he reached Mumbai and gradually bloomed into an international level journalist. He has authored nearly 40 books on various topics. His long service as special commentator at Mumbai, New Delhi, Paris, Geneva, New York, Washington and UNO has earned him invaluable experiences.

M.V. Kamath is the member of the Executive Committee of MAHE (Deemed University) and at the same time he is also the Honorary President of the Manipal Institute of Communication. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if it were said that the Institute was born as a fruit of his effort. Since many years as a close friend and follower of Manipal Brahmathonsea Madhava Pai, Sri. M.V. Kamath has been the backbone of the T.M.A. Pai foundation. Born in the year 1921 at Udupi Sri. M.V. Kamath completed his B.Sc in Physics and Chemistry in 1941. For the first five years he worked in the field of Chemistry. 

In 1946 Sri. Kamath moved to Mumbai where he took up his favorite job of journalism. For the next forty years he worked in that field at different levels in different countries influencing people wherever he went. It is our good luck to witness him occupying one of the top most posts in the country today.

In his 40 years of Journalistic life there is no field which Mr. Kamath has not set his hand upon. There is no quest he has not exploited. His first quest was from 1946 to 1954 at Mumbai where he first worked as a journalist and then as a special advisor and editor of the Free Press Journal.

The dispatching of the dauntless report on the arrest of Sheik Abdulla who was famous as the Tiger of Kashmir by taking the risk of staying at Srinagar is one of the most striking action in the field of journalism. It is said that his writing about Nathuram Godse's complete trial had surprised Godse himself. 

Mr. Kamath worked as the Editor of Sunday Times for two years (1967 - 69) and then rejoined Times as the Washington Correspondent for nearly 10 years (1969- 78). This was a golden age in his career. The Capital of US is highly placed center of activity. It is not surprising to find the names of the then Presidents of America in his friends list. Everybody admired his lasting smile, good nature, and work style, brilliance. In the Washington journalist circle Sri M.V. Kamath was a striking personage. He was most wanted 'Madav', comment his old friends.

Wherever Mr. Kamath went his 'Amchi Mumbai' was his dearest. From 1978-81 he worked as the Editor of the then honored Weekly magazine 'Illustrated Weekly' and enhanced its quality to a great height. People even today remember the Weekly in associating it with Mr. Kamath.

After retiring in 1981 Mr. Kamath is residing in his favorite city of Mumbai as a famous columnist. We read his innumerable articles concerning political & social matters in famous newspapers. He is very much familiar to readers of Udayavani. People very much long to read his articles.

M.V. Kamath's writings are as concise and sharp as his thoughts. His line of thought sometimes take a wild turn with rage. Today, in an environment of intolerance in which people have little patience to understand others views Mr. Kamath might have been a stranger for a few.

Even in his retired life Mr. Kamath's hobby of writing books continues. He has penned more than forty books and also his autobiography.

- P Indira Madyastha
E-mail: p_indira_2000@yahoo.com

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