Dr. Tonse Madhava Anantha Pai

Manipal is distinct from any other place of learning. The uniqueness of Manipal is its transformation from a barren hill top into an international university town. This metamorphosis was the culmination of years of love and labour put in by a country Doctor - Tonse Madhava Anantha Pai.

Dr. TMA Pai based his philosophy of growth and development on self help. The result is for all to see. And probably emulate. The Dr. TMA Pai Foundation and the Academy of General Education together administer over fourty four educational institutions. While all the professional colleges are located in Manipal and Mangalore, many of the schools and colleges have a wide dispersal with its centre of activity being a rural area offering educational opportunities for the first time to rural population. At their door step. A large number of these educational centres was made possible due to a perfect integration of the Academy's initiative and local help.

The Manipal experiment when echoed could perhaps solve many an ill facing the developing economies the world over.

Accolades from far and wide

December 1971 issue of SPAN carried a multipage article on Manipal.
SPAN summed up the successful experiment of Dr. TMA Pai thus: "IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN IN MANIPAL. The sun never really sets in Manipal, for Manipal the exuberance of youth, the vitality of morning. Built on   a rusty outpouring of latterite rock on the Mysore Coast, Manipal basks in the knowledge that all it stands for is the result of community spirit, of sacrifice of hard work.
"Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1959 described Manipal as "the work of men of imagination, enthusiasm and drive which is the greatest need of India today.
President V.V. Giri in 1967 remarked: Dr TMA Pai is one of the best organisers for the prosperity of any movement in our country. Selden Menefee, International writer and author of "The Pais of Manipal" commented thus: "Noplan quite like this been conceived any where else in India. It could only happen in Manipal".
THE UNESCO COURIER describes: "Transformation of Manipal has come about through the vision and determination of a country doctor named Dr. TMA Pai, who sparked off a remarkable community enterprise in education planning and educational financing from co-operative sources. The famous "Ripley's Believe it or not" has immortalised Dr. TMA Pai as "A banker and physician who founded 15 high schools and public schools and public schools and 15 colleges.
" Limca Book of Records describes Dr. TMA Pai as having established 32 educational institutions between 1942 and 1978.


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