Regional Agricultural Research Centre, Brahmavara

Agricultural Universities of Bangalore started their Regional Research Centre at Brahmavara in the year 1982. It is situated on the road to Hebri from Brahmavara at 2 K. M. It is spread over 115.03 hectares. The research center covers not only Udupi, Dakshina Kannada District but also, 5 Taluks of Uttar Kannada District.
The object of the center is to help the farmers of this area. It is working on this direction taking into consideration, the resources of the center and also the farmers and suggest them scientific solutions to the problems.  It also provides training in modernization of agriculture.

Research Priorities

  1. The centre conducts research on paddy, groundnut, sugarcane, blackgram, greengram, alasande (lentils) and other vegetables, which are grown in this area.
  2. It is experimenting especially on the cash crops which are suitable for coastal area such as, cashew, mango, banana, guava, sapota and also jasmine.
  3. It is gives information about the soil and water management and also give valuable suggestions how to preserve the soil and water and economical irrigation systems.
  4. It is giving priority for the back-water fish culture.

The centre has invented the following paddy seeds suitable for this area.
M.O.- 4 (Bhadra) This is suitable for red boiled rice in 130 days. 
Latha (I.E.T.- 7956) suitable for raw-rice in 125 days.
Mukthi (C.T.H.- 1) suitable for red boiled rice in 115 days.

Research under Progress

  1. E.T.-10247 : suitable for white rice in 130 days. 

  2. The centre has experimentedin the crop of paddy and found out 

    a) Instead of using 100% fertilizer, it is beneficial to use 50% and manure of leaf and cow dung. 
    b) The use of Hydrogen & potassium @ 60:30:45 per hectre is enough.
    c) granitepotassium using is beneficial than supersalphate
    d) Instead of going for two crops of paddy, go for one paddy and other for cash-crops like, groundnut or vegetables. 

  3. Groundnut: a) Using T.M.V.-2, D.H.-3-30 & D.H.-40 are the suitable seeds for this area. 
    b) Seedling should be done in the month of November and should maintain line to line distance of 1 feet. 
    c) Seeds should be kept in plastic bags so that, the percentage of breeding will be more and for a long time. 

  4. Blackgram.: L.B.G.-17 is best.Greengram.: Poosa-103 is suitable to this soil. Alasande.: T.V.X.-944-02E gives you maximum yeild.

  5. Sugarcane.: 
    a) C.O.-62175, C.O.-7804 is suitable for this area. 
    b) October/November is right time for seedling. 
    c) Soyabin can be grown in the middle of Sugarcane to make this crop a beneficial one. 
    3Mango.: Ratna Hybreed is tasty and gives you good crop every year. 

  6. Banana.: Robasta is the best breed and 2 sapling in one pond is suggested.

  7. Pappaya.: Coorg Honydue is the best for this area. 

  8. Cashew. 
    a) Ullal - 1, 2, 3 & 4.  
    b) For one year - using 500:250:250 grams of .....:Sulper :Potasium will give more yeild. 

  9. Turmeric.: Vygon & P.C.T.- 8 is best. 

  10. Ginger.: Maaran is best. 

  11. Chilly.: Poosa Jwala & G-4. 

  12. Greens.: C.O.-3. 

  13. Radish.: Poosa Chetaki. 

  14. Tomato.: Shakti Shepard is best of this area. 

  15. Kanakambara.: Bright Orange. 

  16. Backwater Fishing.: It is better to keep the baby fish separate in the pond.

Live Demonstration Available.

  1. The Centre has implimented drip irrigation system in their coconut garden. 

  2. They have different breeds of Mango, Cashew, Vanilla & Black Pepper. 

  3. How to produce manure. 

  4. Different varieties of paddy-seeds. 

  5. How to develop cashew plantation.

Facilities available to the Farmers.

  1. Information about different crops, horticulture, soil & water management, mechanisation of agriculture can be availed in person or by post or by telephone. 

  2. If there are any severe problems, they will call experts and visit the sites. 

  3. Conducting different seminars.

  4. Providing different varieties of seeds. 

  5. Providing saplings of cashew, mango and black-pepper etc.

Regional Agricultural Research Center 
Brahmavara - 576 213.
Udupi District, Karnataka, India
Phone: 91 820 2561011

Argriculture & Horticulture
The Syndicate Agriculture & Rural Development Foundation
Regional Agricultural Research Centre

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